Fun Things About Me

  • I graduated from UWSP with a double major of Psychology and German.  It isn’t that hard when you have a buttload of retro credits to start off with.  I hope to go on to grad school to get my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy.  My goal for now is to become a MFT therapist and work for the government helping the recent war vets reincorporate with their families.  
  • I may give that up in favor of being a Sex Therapist, which is what I really want to do.  Contrary to popular belief (Husband), this would not afford me to watch people have sex all day.  It’s a little more complicated than that.
  • Recently married, I have always been obsessed with sex.  Not necessarily the act of sex, but with the history, stigma, physiology and psychology of sex.  I find it to be totally fascinating.  At work, if I’m not actually working of course, you can probably find me browsing the Sexploration page on  Like I said.  Fucking fascinating.
  • I have little to no time even though I don’t go to school full time anymore.  What is up with that?!
  • My puppy, Monty, makes me almost cry on a daily basis because of something cute he is doing.  But usually only when he’s sleeping.  Otherwise, he is a holy terror.  Lola, our baby, is a gorgeous chocolate brown pointer/lab mix, with a totally vapid look to her.  If she were human, she’d be a valley girl.
  • I have the best friends in the world.  And because no one seems to understand our unique brand of humor, I am forced to sit in my cubicle and giggle out loud to myself every once in a while causing my co-workers to stare.  This usually results in me getting reprimanded by my boss because whatever-I’m-looking-at  “is not an approved work related site.”  Eat my shorts, The Man.
  • I am my mother with a different nose and hair.
  • I have recently taken up sewing, which has opened a very maternal, creative part of me. 
  • I  speak German, but that’s like a hobby that I’m trying to pick up again.  Not as easy as you might think.  I always wanted to learn Russian as a kid.  I was very close in college, but the classes were offered in a city 3 hours away, and only over the internet.  To that, I say nyet.  Now, one of my best friends is living and teaching in Russia.  Lucky ducky.
  • I feel totally blessed by my friends, family, and life opportunities.  Things in my life are slow right now, but I am taking it one day at a time, and trying to get as far as I can on my brains before I have to rely on my looks and charm.  🙂


  1. puppies are always cutest when they’re asleep.

    when they’re awake, they’re just little terrorists in fur coats.

  2. true dat yo!

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