Posted by: Christin H. | April 23, 2010

Biking is Fun!!

I decided that due to the massive cramps I woke up with, Insanity was out of the question. Too much jumping and bouncing for my sore, swollen… ugh, moving on. Biking seemed like an easier, smoother alternative. And after 800 mgs of Tylenol, I was right.
Now, I’m tired and could really use a nap. I am going to avoid it tho, because I have to be up early for work at 5am. I STILL wonder what I was thinking when I agreed to that. Blarg.

90 mins of Medium Biking on pavement

Feelings: sore back, wrists tight



  1. I will be walking around the mall today (to work off the Olive Garden I am going to pig out on) does that count as a workout?

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