Posted by: Christin H. | June 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me

Today is Husbands and my First Anniversary.  I want to take this chance to thank everyone for their kind words and well wishes.  Our first year was really easy.  And apparently, the first is the easiest year of them all, so hopefully over the next seven years it will be only slightly harder than the last. 

Here is a sampling from the plans about a weeks before the wedding.  It may seem calm, but inside I was bouncing off the walls of my own head.  Enjoy!

Elope.  No, not really. Planning this wedding has been one of the most fun experiences that I could have shared with Fiance, not to mention, really handy for bringing out my girly side.

We’ve been really cool about everything happening just the way it is supposed to. Without much trouble, things have just fallen into place. The chair covers were a God-send, and not a moment too soon. We were so lucky to get them, and so lucky that the lady was available, and so SO lucky that the lady was nice and old and cute and didn’t feel the need to gouge us. Our decorator has been a dream! She was so receptive to our (my) ideas for the decor at the reception. She didn’t balk when I asked for different centerpieces. Four times. She gave me new, better pieces with a smile on her face. And I didn’t even see a hint of a grimace! She didn’t try to pressure me to get flowers at the ceremony, at the behest of Future-MIL, even though it would have meant more money for her. Our DJ is a good friend of Fiance’s. When other companies were charging 700-800$ for 3 or 4 hours of music, the Bekx Brothers offered to play all night for $400 and a meal. Talk about nice. I have the dress I want, the shoes I want, the cake I want, the hair I want, the party I want and the girls I want.

Then today. Oh today. I worked this morning until 2 am for a friend who had to attend a mtg at 8. Poor planning on managements part, but I digress. When I woke, I had a strong, sudden urge to get all of the wedding finances in order. Shouldn’t that have been done already, you ask? Nah. Well, it would have been good. Okay, fine, yes. I should have been done like 2 weeks ago. But we didn’t have everything decided on just yet. But this morning, it was Business Time. We decided to pay for the condos beforehand, so no one had to try and coordinate with the dude that runs it. We knew it would be expensive, but it’s something that just had to be done in order for me to sleep at night.

So Dad transferred money from my money market account to my checking. With some of that money I paid off my credit card bill. From there, with my new clean slate, I got an emergency credit increase to a whopper of an amount. (Let’s just say I would totally have sex with that amount of money, and leave it at that.) After we called the condo renter to get the final amount, which was more than we had anticipated, we did some room arranging, I cried a little, I called every adult member of my family, called my mom, called my dad, called my brother, looked at the amount we had to work with, Fiance called the condo dude again, I cried a lot, and after a few choice words and some misunderstandings, we had everything figured out just the way it was supposed to be. Fiance asked, “After all this, do you still want to marry me?” “Of course. I don’t want to have to do this again in the future.”

Then came the Make-Me-Feel-Better-or-Never-See-Me-Naked-Again sex. And it was gooooooooooood. And suddenly nothing else seemed worrisome.


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