Posted by: Christin H. | March 17, 2009

How I see the World

Am I really as naïve as I sound?  Am I a product of wishful thinking and glorified ideals?

With all the hubbub about AIG and the massive bailout that is going on, this is making me feel much less worldly than I thought I was.  I enjoy making money as much as the next person; I have bills and, yes, sometime I do struggle to make ends meet.  Hubby just found out yesterday that the full time job he was going to slide into this summer is being taken away from him in order to bring back one of the original workers who left a few weeks ago to get a job in furniture retail.  Husband is very upset with this because with only part time work and no school money from the gov’t (yay disability) we will not be able to make the payments on the house in addition to, you know, LIVING.  Bless my soul, we do not have other payments to make; our cars are paid in full, the credit cards are taken care of, etc.  If you know us, you know that we are not highly frivolous people.  We do not live above our means, but we still do not have a rainy-day allowance for emergencies.

 I just read an article about small cars and whether or not they are safe.  As I like to do, I read the first page of the comments people leave after (hopefully) reading the article completely.  One comment really stuck out at me:

            The point is, they KNOW that this (making small adjustements to the frame, etc) would fix these issues, they CHOOSE not to because in the end they are only looking out for their profit.  They voluntarily and willingly CHOOSE not to make the safest vehicle they can because it would cost them maybe a few cents more per vehicle, regardless of how many lives it could save.

This surprised me.  I know that no one is perfect, and that I am showing how wet behind the ears I really am, but I find it hard to believe that anyone would willing choose to make something that they know is unsafe.  I can rationalize that a lot of this is happening in search of the almighty dollar, everyone is trying to make money, but it boggles my mind that important things like vehicles are being shoddily produced because they are cheap to make.  Another comment focused on the fact that car companies can make the car as safe as humanly possible, but it would still be on the operator to drive safely.  I tend to agree more along that line.  No matter the size of your car, boat, bus, etc, is as only as safe as the person behind the wheel.  If you are being reckless, there is a greater chance that something will go wrong.  I have never been in an accident because I was obeying the speed limit and weather conditions

Think about this; if people are born bad or evil, what could possibly make a person nice, considerate and kind?  I think it HAS to be the other way around.  People HAVE to be born good and be poisoned by evil, greed and the other deadly sins in order for our world to have turned out the way it has.  I guess the very verbose point that I am trying to make is:  I can’t believe so many people can be so greedy.



  1. Yeah… I know what you are saying. What happens in the US absolutely PALES in comparison to what goes on here though. You can’t do anything without a bribe here. The government is blindly run on money, nobody even tries to hide it here. It’s out there, that greed, and until people realize there is more to gain from the non-material than from the cash, it will be hard to change.

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