Posted by: Christin H. | January 17, 2009

Honeymoon – Days 5 & 6

Day 5 was spent recuperating after our wild night out.  We woke up super late, ate something other than cold pizza and the couple we were travelling with decided they wanted to go shopping.  Hubby and I decided to tag along.  We like cheapo, crap souvenirs as much as the next people.  Market 28 is something I would recommend to anyone who likes to haggle.  You can get some ridiculous deals if you are good at it and are willing to walk away.  I am not of that mindset and walked away buying only 1 thing, a 100 ml bottle of Mayan vanilla.  You’d understand why if you had tasted it.  Worth EVERY penny. 

Day 6 was our day trip to Chicken-Pizza Chichen-Itza.  If you saw the movie Apocolypto (which I didn’t) you would find this place utterly fascinating.  I saw it for what it was, a beautiful work of art made by some very talented and devoted followers of the Snake-Bird god. 


This is the Pok-ta-pok court, where they would play a game to raise their social status to become semi-gods.  Apparently, this is something the locals would train for all their lives.  If they lost, they were shamed until the chance to play the next game.  If they won, the were beheadedto appease the gods and raise their family’s status.  This is the biggest Pok-ta-pok court in all the area; kind of like an ancient Super Bowl.


I couldn’t possibly go over everything that our tour guide showed us; he was amazing!  What he did tell us, which I thought was pretty cool, was that when they did their human sacrifices, they used volunteers, normally children and women (not specifically virgins).  They would take the volunteer and bend them backwards to break their back and paralyze them, but keep them alive.  The priest would then cut open under the ribs and reach up to tear out the heart, show the dying their still beating heart, then burn it as a sacrifice.

One the way home, we stopped at a sink hole to go swimming.  The hole was 60 ft from the surface, and the water, at it’s deepest, was 120 ft.  Needless to say, I was scared out of my freaking mind that something would come up from the water and eat me.  It didn’t keep me from swimming tho.  Those pics are also on the CD I don’t have access to.


Then, hot and exhausted, we had some of the best Mexican food I have ever tasted and the smoothest, tastiest Margarita that has ever touched my lips.  It was glorious.  Then we napped on the way home.  Also glorious.



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