Posted by: Christin H. | April 8, 2008

Ashley, Sarah, Jessica, etc.

So I was a reading a Kar’s blog today and what should I see but my own name!  Right there!  IN PRINT!  On someone ELSE’S blog!  But what was really sad was that I looked at the post, fully knowing that it was my best friend who wrote it, and thought “Oh how great!  She spelled my name right!”  The thing is, she’s MY BEST FRIEND.  If she didn’t spell my name right, I would call that friendship into question. 

I have become so jaded that NO ONE will ever spell my name right, that I have totally given up hope of ever seeing it correct!  Even when I tell someone that my name is Christin (and I would assume that most people spell it with a K anyways) they always, ALWAYS introduce me as Christine, Christina, Christian, or Chrissy.  I want to yell at them and then pop their littleheads off while singing “NOT MY FRIGGIN’ NAME PEOPLE! LA LA LA LA LA!”  I make it a point to at least TRY to pronounce your name correctly random dude/friend of friend/telemarketer.  And my name isn’t even that hard!  It’s not like I’m from a foreign country with a totally different alphabet.  No offense.

In the past, I have seriously considered legally changing it.  The problem is, I love my name.  LOVE IT.  It’s a unique spelling and will hopefully pay off for me someday.  So for all of you with generic names:  Suck it.  This is why I feel so badly when I get someones name wrong or forget it.




  1. Trust me…I get some pretty jacked up versions of my name too. And everyone always mispronounces my sisters name as “keeeeer-sten”. Anyway, don’t change your name, I heart it just the way it is.

  2. Um thanks friend. I didn’t realize it until now, but all of my friends have unusual names. Except me. That’s right, my name was numero uno for new baby girls in 1984. I think its because they were planning on me being a boy…. and naming me TRAPPER JOHN. Which, would have been unusual. But I was born sans penis and there for got a popular name. sigh.

  3. i so wish we could call you Trapper John! How SWEET would that be?!

  4. I remember you telling me that. Can I put that down as your name for the wedding, Jen? You’ll be a hit!

  5. DO IT, Christin, DO IT.


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